Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Autumn Flare

It’s been quite a time these past 11 days. More and more, I can tell that the autumn Lyme flare is upon me. I’ve had to cut down my activity level and been forced to deal with more pain than I’d felt in several months. While I’m resting and aching, I’ve been increasing my Bartonella coiling, trying to get all the suffering over with at once.

Pacing the exercise program

From the end of September through the first third of October, I tried to start a light exercise program. Even by spacing out exercise sessions by 5 days, I still totally overdid it. I was aiming for doing what Dr. Burrascano suggests in his Advanced Topics in Lyme Disease pamphlet. Or more precisely, I convinced myself that there was something I was supposed to be doing to get better, and I lost my ability to listen clearly to my body.

Doing exercise more than once a week has always been a problem for me. For a while in 2001 and the early part of this year I was able to do yoga every week. Then I tried doing it twice a week and I fell to pieces. This is exactly what happened again. After 5 days, I could get up and not be completely exhausted, but I hadn’t fully recharged. So when I exercised again, my muscles were fine but my energy level was really low and I dipped into my reserves. Then when I waited 5 days and did it again (listening to the “supposed to” rattling in my mind) I put myself in bed for a week.

While lying around, unable to do even the light housework that I can sometimes do, unable to even blog, I realized that doing exercise should not be something that halts all my other daily activities. So I’ve decided to lay off until the Lyme flare calms down a little. Then when I start again (hopefully in November) I will not do it more than once a week…and I’ll wait until I have a few good days in a row before I try again.

Bartonella Coiling

Another thought I had while I was stuck peeling myself off the bed only to find myself sprawled out on the couch 5 minutes later is that my top priority is: GET RID OF THE INFECTIONS. So I put myself into the next two gears with Bartonella.

Thursday October 11, I added the rest of my body to my Bartonella protocol. I had a pretty big response in my kidneys (pain, pain, pain) the next day. So I continued to do it every other day until Friday October 19, when things in my kidneys calmed down enough to do it every day. Now I’m back to kidney pain, having coiled my entire body 3 days in a row. But I’ve been able to handle the increased coiling. I’m just cranky on top of all my other physical symptoms.

Bartonella, 832Hz, 33 minutes total, (split into two sessions to let the coil cool off)

  • Each side of head, 1 minute
  • Top of head, 1 minute
  • Back of head, 2 minutes
  • Each shoulder (on the knob), 1 minute
  • Spine: upper, middle, lower, 2 minutes each
  • Each ilium back, 1 minute
  • Each ilium front, 1 minute
  • Chest, 2 minutes
  • Each side of ribcage, 1 minute
  • Upper abdomen, 5 minutes
  • Lower abdomen, 1 minute
  • Between legs: thighs, knees, calves, 1 minute each
  • Feet through coil, 1 minute
  • Each hip/outer thigh, 1 minute

In addition to the Bartonella sessions, I’ve been coiling for Babesia twice daily, and coiling my entire body for Lyme over the course of each Monday and Tuesday.

Reduced Pill Intake

Last Monday, when–on top of all the herxing and Lyme flare–I got my period and was passed out for half the day in bed, unable to eat and dealing with diarrhea, I found myself once again choking on all my pills.

I’m never really sure what I can cut down on without finding myself having more symptoms. But choking is a sign of tension in my throat which seems to increase with Bartonella flares and herxes, and I have to face it. So I cut down on some of my antioxidants. I switched over to taking extra electrolyte drinks to replace two of my vitamin C pills and one of my magnesium pills (each of which are huge and hard to swallow). I replaced a few other pills to consolidate the number I have to swallow. It’s a relief at each meal. I can’t be sure I did this the best way possible, but as I focus on listening to my body, I can figure it out.

Lyme Flare

I’m getting tired of writing already because the pain in my arms is pretty bad today. Needless to say, I’ve had more problems with my peripheral nerves and my joints lately. My intestinal problems have swung back in the other direction, from constipation and incomplete evacuation to explosive, loose stools. I’ve been having more pain in my lower abdomen and my lower back (right around my sacrum) as well. This is just the beginning of my list (which also includes headaches and floaters in my vision) but I can’t really type much more tonight and I have one more idea to share.

Crisis of Faith

I have no proof that coiling works. Not in the grand sense. There is no double blind study. There isn’t even a large study of people using it at all. There is no written protocol to follow or a pamphlet to tell me what to expect. There is a very incomplete body of knowledge from several individuals who have cured themselves. I haven’t spoken to anyone who was quite as sick as I’ve been who has gotten through to the end using a coil machine. So I’m wandering around without clear guidance beyond what my body tells me. Lately, I feel pretty bad. Before that, I felt better than I had in years. I’m afraid, sometimes, that I’m prolonging the amount of time I’ll be sick because I’m not doing enough, not coiling all the necessary body parts, not often enough, not for long enough, not all the necessary frequencies.

Then I think back to how long I was on antibiotics before I could walk without a cane. I think back to how much I celebrated each little improvement in symptoms. I think back to how bad my gut was and how malnourished I felt and looked. I can see that coiling is making a difference. I just don’t know when I’ll be well again.


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