Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

How much to coil?

This past week has been quite a trip. I had my sick days and more sick days. Only by Saturday did I feel more like a person than a week-long Halloween zombie.


I was feeling pretty bad the first half of the week. By Wednesday evening, after spending the entire day lying down, I pulled myself together and got into costume for the trick or treaters who would show up at the door. For the second year, I dressed as Tonks from the Harry Potter series. Who wouldn’t want to be a bad-ass auror with purple hair?

By the end of the evening, I’d given out about 10 pounds of chocolates. I really wanted some. REALLY WANTED SOME. Just a little taste. So eight peanut m&ms (not 8 bags), 2 bars of Kit Kat (like the equivalent of half of what you get at the store) and one Reese’s peanutbutter cup later, I crawled into bed and waited for the inevitable headache.

It never came.

The next day, as I was getting into the shower, I was feeling smug, like I could actually get away with something for once. As soon as I was completely wet, I regretted that thought and jumped out and onto the toilet: diarrhea. Again.

I wanted to punish my stupidity and brazen disregard for what I know is good and very bad for me. But the punishment was already upon me. I had diarrhea for two days (Thursday & Friday). I was weak. I was grumpy. I was sleepy and unhappy. I was done with chocolate for a very long time.

Then, to add insult to injury, I’ve been having an acne breakout, both on my face and in less conventional places. This used to happen when I ate chocolate. There is no escape!


In the past, I’ve been afraid of coiling too much. It is certainly possible to do that. When the infection is active and abundant, a little bit of coiling takes a long time for the body to clean up. I noticed that when I first started coiling in 2011, several times afterwards when I tried to take on too much, and again over this summer when I was trying to get the Bartonella-eradication project underway.

There is also such a thing as coiling too little. It is possible to keep an infection from growing, by coiling just enough to stay on top of it, but at the same time not get rid of it. That is one of the things I’ve heard from other coilers, especially readers of my blog: they have improvements, but they never get to the end. Well, I’m not at the end either, but I could tell I was hitting that point with my infections.


Babesia grows quickly. And after I missed one evening coiling session, I started having Babesia symptoms all over again. Then it occurred to me to try coiling three times a day. Even if I’m more or less on top of it with coiling twice a day, I thought coiling my blood supply, specifically targeting my spleen better than before, might give me a boost.

Earlier, when I coiled my spleen, I did it from the left side of my abdomen. The field generated by the coil is supposed to be strong enough to penetrate 6 inches of body tissue, so I figured that was good enough. Then I consulted with someone who knows a lot more about anatomy than me. He showed me to do it on the bottom part of my ribcage, part on my back and part on my side.

I’ve been coiling this way for 10 minutes at midday each day, and it really packed a punch! I had terrible nightmares and nightsweats the first two nights. My heart started bothering me again and continued until yesterday. I’ve been as limp as a wet rag, I’ve been so tired.

By Saturday, I started to perk up again. I still got pretty tired, but I was able to go out for a while in the middle of the day.

The plan is to continue to coil three times a day until all the symptoms are gone for at least 3 weeks.


Since the bout of diarrhea two weeks ago, I’ve been very worried about my immune system. It still freaks me out because of echoes to the early days of being debilitated by Lyme et al. Between that and noticing that my Lyme symptoms start to get worse about 5 days after coiling, I’ve decided to coil for Lyme more frequently. Last week I did it on Sunday and Monday (Oct 28 & 29), the previous week was Monday and Tuesday (Oct 22 & 23).

On Tuesday, the day after I finished the full-body coiling routine, I noticed my sacrum hurt. This isn’t uncommon, but it bothered me more in the wake of the diarrhea. So I started coiling my sacrum for 5 minutes a day, every day this week. On Wednesday, I added my abdomen for 3 minutes a day for the rest of the week.

Then on Thursday, I got diarrhea again (as mentioned above) so I began the full-body coiling routine from the beginning, in addition to the extra Lyme and Babesia coiling. As a result, it took me three days to get through the whole routine.

I’m continuing the daily coiling of my sacrum and abdomen for the foreseeable future, most likely until I stop getting herxes from coiling my head. I still get a night sweat, a headache, and joint and neurological pain after I coil my head.


I’m still doing only a single sweep of my body each day. I can handle it as long as I get to the sauna fairly regularly. Once I get through this round of Babesia, I’ll consider doing the Bartonella twice a day (as I’ve heard I’ll ultimately need to do since I’ve had such a pervasive case).

One nice thing is that my reaction to foods has diminished pretty noticeably since I began coiling for Bartonella everyday. I’ve had some corn tortillas and guacamole without significant suffering. That’s what gave me the foolish notion that I could eat chocolate without paying dearly.

Wiped out

So I feel human again, but I still tire out easily. In fact, with much more on my mind, I’m signing off for today.


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