Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Talking Turkey

This past week, I’ve been thinking a lot about how to go from where I am, which is better than I’ve been since I got sick, to healthy and capable of daily activity. In a lot of ways, I think I’m on the right track. I’ve made adjustments to the Bartonella protocol. I’m trying new foods and doing my best to get the dormant Lyme bacteria back into their active state.

Talking Turkey

I had turkey last week for the first time since 1998. It was a tasty organic turkey, roasted and stuffed. I enjoyed it quite a bit and seemed able to digest it. I’ve been branching out with food this year, not avoiding all the foods that cause immediate inflammation. But this was different. I was a vegetarian for a long time. I started eating seafood in 2010. I’m considering some organic poultry and meat, but I’m ambivalent. It helps if it tastes good.

Thanksgiving was a relaxed affair. Joe and I had three guests, all of whom are family. They got here on Wednesday night to help prep the food Thursday morning. But before cooking, we headed down to the beach for an hour. It was beautiful and sunny. It felt like the right place to thank the planet for it’s bounty, not just what we humans consume but all the rest of the living organisms who share the world with us.

We all cooked together. We ate in courses over several hours, with breaks in between for hanging out, naps, coiling (for me) and cooking more. It was fun to be with people. It was a big deal for me to participate so much in the kitchen. I haven’t previously had enough energy to do much in the way of cooking at holidays. All the energy expenditure meant that I was pretty tired the next day and unable to do very much. Still, we all enjoyed each others’ company, and that was what was most important.

Lyme & Wheat

Meanwhile, I’ve added wheat back into my diet more and more. I can tell the Lyme bacteria are waking up because I’ve got more rib pain and my herxes are getting a little more intense, particularly having loose stools on the day after Lyme coiling and aching all over my body in the morning. I’m doing my best to balance between feeling awful and letting the Lyme loose. I’m trying to pull out as much as I can before the next Lyme season (end of January), when I’m planning to try to force it out of hiding. (I’m still working out how to do that…)

Bartonella Iterations

I definitely learn when I make mistakes. On Thanksgiving day, I lost my second dose of pills for the day, which included the ones I take to detox my kidneys from Bartonella herxes. I woke up that night with a night sweat, even though I had only coiled once that day. It made me realize, yet again, how important getting the right detoxing combination is to be able to coil as aggressively as I do. It also taught me that I’m killing more Bartonella than I realized because Renavive is such an effective detox agent for me.

When I think about how I’ll know that I’m finally done with Bartonella, it will mean I can coil the back of my head for a long time and get no reaction, even without taking Renavive. I’ll also stop having headaches, constipation, and other bowel difficulties (including abdominal swelling, and constipation alternating with urgent bowels). Since many of the neurological Bartonella symptoms have begun to wane as I’ve coiled more aggressively, those are not a sufficient marker for clearing the infection.

I had another little discovery the night before Thanksgiving. I had a really bad headache all afternoon. When I coiled the back of my head for Bartonella, it went away completely. That’s the opposite of what I expected, since coiling for Bartonella usually leads to headaches. I don’t know what to make of this switch, but I thought it was worth noting.

As a result of putting so much attention on Bartonella over the weekend, I decided to try to focus even more on coiling the back of my head and trying to get rid of this infection once and for all. I started coiling the back of my head twice a day on Monday, adding in 8 minutes on the back of my head in the morning. Then today, I changed it to ten minutes on the back of my head twice a day. In order to do this, I had to reduce the amount I’m coiling on the sides of my head, but I think that the back of my head gives me the most effective infection exposure point. (The new protocol is listed below.)

Already I’ve given myself another bad headache, Monday night and Tuesday during the day. My kidneys ache. I have urinary hesitation. The constipation has gotten worse (until today after coiling for Lyme yesterday). My abdomen is sore and swollen. Coiling the back of my head more is definitely having an effect.

Bartonella Coiling Protocol

(Draft 8)

Frequency: 832 Hz

Morning (total 40 minutes)

  • Each side of head, 5 minutes
  • Back of head, 10 minutes
  • Spine: upper, middle, 5 minutes per
  • Spleen, 5 minutes
  • Liver, 5 minutes

Midday (total 36 minutes)

  • Between legs: thighs, knees, calves, 2 minute each
  • Feet through coil, 2 minutes
  • Each ilium front, 2 minutes
  • Each hip bursa, 2 minutes
  • Lower abdomen/pubic bone, 2 minutes
  • Each side of ribcage plus the adjacent arm, 2 minutes
  • Shoulder front and neck, 1 minute on each side
  • Shoulder blades, 1 minute on each side
  • Each ilium back, 2 minutes
  • Butt (underside), 2 minutes
  • Each butt cheek (up towards the iliac crest, for the joint and muscles), 2 minutes

Night (total 36 minutes)

  • Top of head, 8 minutes
  • Back of head, 10 minutes
  • Sacrum, 8 minutes
  • Chest including heart, 5 minutes
  • Abdomen, 5 minutes


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5 replies

  1. Do you take any anti-biotics in addition to the coiling? Can you do both? Can coiling replace the need for ABX?

    So many questions – sorry! 🙂

    • I stopped taking antibiotics shortly before starting to use the coil machine. This is my primary form of bactericidal activity. Some people I’ve heard of use both, or start out using both then eventually drop the antibiotics. Antibiotics put Lyme bacteria into a cyst form that is hard to kill (even with using antibiotics in certain combinations that partially address the problem). Instead, I try to “trick” the bacteria into activating and then kill them using the coil machine, which they can’t detect and become dormant in response. I hope this helps.

      • Yes, I see how it works now that you’ve explained this. Thank you!

      • There is one more thing I should mention. I know people who did well on antibiotics, taking large doses until the Lyme infection was (mostly) dead or dormant. They have needed to take either low dose antibiotics, antibiotic herbs, or immune system stimulants long-term, to keep the infection from reactivating. However, the long-term treatment wasn’t as rough on the body as the initial antibiotic & other protocols. The downside is that when they stop the long-term treatment, the infection gets active within a week or two, and the symptoms come right back.

      • Thanks for the additional insight. 🙂

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