Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

using the coil machine

Scientific Method

I was talking to one of the people I know who has a coil machine and is using it to treat his own Lyme and other tick-borne illnesses. He said something to me which made me remember that I’m treating this whole process as an experiment. He told me to “play with it.” Then I remembered my training as a scientist (MS in Chemistry from Yale, thank you very much!) […]

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Hot Bath

Yesterday, after resting a while, I realized that I absolutely had to do laundry. I was craving a bath, but convinced myself that laundry and a short walk in the neighborhood would not only allow me to accomplish the few things that could no longer be postponed, but give me a bit of fresh air and exercise. That’s what I did. Maybe I overdid it physically, based on how tired […]

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Baiting Bartonella

When I started the coil last time, I noticed my Bartonella symptoms flaring right afterward: pain in my hands and feet first thing in the morning–the kind of pain that makes me not want to move. I did my second Lyme coiling session last night. Today I woke up with severe pain in my hands and arms, feet and calves.  Last night I slept lightly, waking up to disturbing dreams. […]

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Crazy Sexy Lyme?

This evening I watched the movie Crazy Sexy Cancer. It was great. It was great because Kris Carr is all about living a full life with whatever she has to face and enjoying herself all the while. I love her attitude. It’s almost what I wish this blog was: fierce, irreverent, funny and informative. The main difference is that she is not sick. By sick, I mean overrun with symptoms […]

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As I look at my posts after I write them, they show me how sad I feel. Today I’m more acutely aware of it than usual. After holding my own for 4 years of this illness, it’s finally wearing on me. The fact that I’m feeling losses in other areas of my life brings the melancholy feelings into focus. I did my best to fight it off by reaching out […]

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Progress and Maintenance

Yesterday’s Herx reaction wasn’t too painful. There was the initial pressure in my chest (which lasted through most of today) that was heavy at first and got milder as time progressed. Then my pre-existing headache was joined by some pretty intense pain in my eyes. I didn’t take anything for it, no pills, just lots of water. I slept for ten and a half hours last night, and probably could […]

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Starting up again

Rose's Kitties

This afternoon, I tried using the coil at a frequency for candida (465 Hz for 5 minutes). I’ve heard/read that I shouldn’t get much of a Herx from it. I’m not sure I’ll feel anything at all. I just want to be able to eat oatmeal for breakfast without all my symptoms getting worse. Tonight I did a 30 second coiling session for Lyme disease at 10pm, shortly before I […]

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Birthday girl

It’s my birthday today. I always start the day noticing what I hoped to have figured out by this time that I haven’t yet (a few things on the list appear every year). By the end of the day, after talking to whichever friends call (or whom I manage to call), I can notice the things I’ve tried that worked and the things that didn’t but that I learned from. […]

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I read a feature article in the NY Times Sunday Magazine a while back about a long term experiment with calorie restricted diets. There were lots of interesting tidbits, like a person’s immune system increases when they have a 20-25% decrease in calories, or that they age more slowly based on measurements I no longer remember. The thing that resonated most with me is that people’s perception of taste increases […]

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Coiling for Kidney Stones

It turns out that other people have used Rife machines and coil machines for kidney stones and urinary tract infections. I grabbed a bunch of frequencies off a trusted web page and picked 6 to coil with. I did 2 minutes each on my lower abdomen in the front, over my bladder and the parts that hurt, then 2 minutes over each kidney for the frequencies under 1000Hz, tomorrow I’ll […]

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