Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Crazy Sexy Lyme?

This evening I watched the movie Crazy Sexy Cancer. It was great. It was great because Kris Carr is all about living a full life with whatever she has to face and enjoying herself all the while. I love her attitude. It’s almost what I wish this blog was: fierce, irreverent, funny and informative.

The main difference is that she is not sick. By sick, I mean overrun with symptoms that prevent her from living her life the way she wants to. Her movie is about taking life by the reins despite having a cancer diagnosis. Her cancer seems to affect her mostly psychologically since it is slow growing, has no symptoms and requires observation, not treatment. Still, she took the diagnosis as a wake up call to live a healthier life, learn about what a healthy life is and share what she is learning with the rest of us.

The movie is great for me in no small part because she deals with food. Food is the most trying part of my life as a social being.  I have tons of dietary restrictions that make it hard to share a meal. She talks about how frustrating it is to cook and eat alone all the time. But, most importantly for me tonight, she ends up being all about juicing. I did that a long while back. My digestive system wasn’t ready for so much raw food…and I wasn’t strong enough to spend so much time cleaning the juicer.

I’ve been thinking a bunch about my kidney stone, which my urologist said looked more like a uric acid stone than a calcium oxalate stone (still waiting for lab confirmation). He said the way to deal with the second stone, the one hanging out in my right kidney just waiting to cause a fuss, is to dissolve it by alkalizing my urine with some drug.

That brings me back to juicing. Drinking juiced greens has an alkalizing effect on the body (along with the detoxifying properties of many greens), including the urine. As I begin doing more serious detox protocols, juicing is going back on the menu. Sounds much better than yet another drug.

The other thing that Kris Carr talks about to detoxify is exercise. This is the spot where I’ve often gotten stuck because I feel so bad that I can’t even imagine moving. From what I’ve read, Lyme patients should work up to 1 solid hour of non-cardio exercise that increases strength and circulation everywhere on the body. I’m committed to figuring out yoga this time around. Before I moved back to NYC, I did it regularly and loved it. I started up again in December and felt way better in my body, even if it took me a few days to recover from each class. After the second week of 1 class per week, I did a practice at home. Same the third week. Then Christmas. Then kidney stone. Now it’s February and I’m back on track.

Yoga today was a gentle class at a place in my neighborhood that I can walk to. The owner, Mimi, is sweet and gregarious. I’ve now experienced 3 different teachers, all with different styles and backgrounds, all very grounded and able to notice how I’m doing in the class. I had a hard time today. The teacher had us do a series of poses that open the heart chakra. At one point, my heart started racing and I had to rest for several minutes to wait for it to slow down enough for me to start doing poses again. I could feel it’s echo the rest of the day–the way I get pressure in my chest and feel like I can’t breathe even though I’m breathing perfectly well. He also had us do a series of twists which detoxify the organs. That was well suited for my current needs.

On the coiling front, I didn’t manage to do Candida (which I separate from the Lyme sessions by several hours to be able to notice a reaction to it). Although I haven’t been able to attribute any Herx-type response to the Candida coiling, I think my skin is starting to break out a little, possibly getting the toxins out with that route.

I did a 45 second coiling session for Lyme. No noticeable immediate reaction. That’s nice because my chest already felt compressed before I started and I already had a headache, probably because the screen was too bright when I was watching the movie.

In the symptom realm, this morning was a doozy. I woke up with a lot of pain in the joints in my hands and wrists. Over the course of the day, I had ringing first in my right ear, then a few hours later in my left. My right ear hurts so much, I can’t use the phone on that side. My left ear is starting to bother me, too. Then there is a strange and annoying, but not at all painful symptom: the middle finger on my right hand has a vibration in it that last about 2 seconds and repeats 2-3 times per minute (so does the heel of my right foot). What the heck is that? I hate neurological malfunctions. Tonight my knuckle joints still hurt, along with my wrists and arms. I’m having a hard time typing. I have roving pains in my abdomen and legs. And I have blue bags under my eyes to carry the floaty things in my vision. Arrgh.

On a pleasant note, now that the urine collection is over, I can pee in the toilet again. I’ve never known such a simple pleasure.


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