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Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

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Bright lights, big screen

I was checking out my friend Craig’s blog today and found a post about f.lux. It is a program that changes the color temperature of a computer screen depending on the time of day. Craig and f.lux explain all the details of why this is helpful for human eyes. I decided to download it. Immediately, it was easier for me to look at the screen. I usually fiddle around with […]

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Taking the plunge…again

Or rather, taking a hot bath two days in a row. As I mentioned yesterday, yoga kicked me really hard. (More on that in the body section.) I knew I needed to take another bath today. I hemmed and hawed and hemmed some more until it was finally 5:30pm and I knew I wouldn’t sleep tonight if I didn’t do something about all the muscle pain. Instead of my usual […]

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Henry’s Adventure

Henry was the skinny, pale orange, 6 month old kitten I found last night crying pathetically in the hallway outside my door. After we walked around the hallway together for 10 minutes and I determined (by ringing doorbells) that he didn’t belong to anyone on my floor, I brought him into my apartment. While Henry was sniffing around, Punky didn’t notice at first. Then I put Henry in the bathroom […]

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More on Lyme Detoxing

I spent much of today considering the topic I wrote about yesterday: Lyme is a disease of toxicity. I know things now about how to combat Lyme while reducing the suffering of its host. Still, I’m not sure how it would have worked for me at the very beginning. I wrote once before about my doctor and what he did and didn’t say when I first started seeing him. Today […]

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Infra-red Healing

I bought a BioMat. I though I would do my taxes today, but instead I spent a lot of money. I’ve been looking at IR saunas. They are supposed to be miraculous at getting a person to sweat out toxins. The problems, from my perspective, are price, space for an upright, having to sit upright in an upright, space for a dome to lie under, feeling claustrophobic in either one, […]

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Sleepy. Sleepy. I’m trying to keep it simple tonight. It’s just after 10pm and I want to go to bed. Kind of how I’ve been feeling most of the day. I’ve had periods of consecutive days, especially between June and December 2010, where I felt almost well, not really actually acutely sick. Then I’ve had this physical pain and exhaustion since the end of December that hasn’t let up yet. […]

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Mom’s Juicer

My mother is amazing. She does so much for me (not to mention a whole host of other people). These days, she’s coming around to hang out for companionship, going to yoga with me, and providing me vegetable juice from her juicer until I have the energy to rearrange my kitchen and set mine up. Water on the knee I got interrupted by a few phone calls while I was […]

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Water on the knees

I took a yoga class today. It was my main goal for the day. It was supposed to be an open level class, but turned out to be more in the intermediate to advanced level. As I realized that, I started wishing for a gentler class. So I went at my own pace, didn’t quite do all the vinyasas and poses, and let go of my expectations. The teacher worked […]

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Punky’s favorite kind of day

Gravity I woke up with gravity on my mind this morning. Based on my physical observations, it had increased from it’s traditional 9.8 m/s2. My arms and legs felt at least twice as heavy as usual, and that’s before I even tried to move them. When I finally peeled myself off the bed, I decided that there were 3 things I had to do today: use the coil take a […]

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