Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Taking the plunge…again

Or rather, taking a hot bath two days in a row.

As I mentioned yesterday, yoga kicked me really hard. (More on that in the body section.) I knew I needed to take another bath today. I hemmed and hawed and hemmed some more until it was finally 5:30pm and I knew I wouldn’t sleep tonight if I didn’t do something about all the muscle pain.

Instead of my usual 108 deg F bath, I filled up the tub incorrectly, and the water was only 106 deg F. How do I know? you ask. I use a meat thermometer that is completely submergible to check the temperature. Originally I picked it up (or rather, asked Mom to pick it up) because I didn’t want to scald myself again. Hot is hot until you can measure the temperature.

I learned through trial and error that 108 is my magic number. It makes me sweat within about 20 seconds. It is just short of intolerable. It doesn’t burn my skin after the initial shock. In fact, it is quite comfortable for the first 3 minutes and the last 5 minutes. In between, I’m dying to propel myself out of the tub while sweat streams down my scalp and all other skin exposed to air.

Of course, sweating is the point. So 108 is good.

In today’s bath, I ended up at 106 deg F. What difference does 2 degrees make? Well, it turns out that 106 is almost too comfortable. I could easily stay in much longer than the 20 minutes of detox (after which we enter the retox zone with the skin reabsorbing what it released into the bathwater). Measured in sweat minutes, I felt the first drops of perspiration on my forehead after 2 minutes and 30 seconds. I didn’t have the 108-deg-20-second-rivulets on my scalp for over 3 minutes. That’s the 2 degree difference.

In sum, I still sweated. Less sweat. More comfort in the bath. Less relief after. Back to the 108 deg F next time.

Now, what do I put in the bath? Usually I go for 2/3 cup Epsom salt and 2/3 cup Dead Sea Salt. I’m considering bumping up to 1 cup of Epsom salt. I’ve been increasing both salts gradually to get to this point.

I’ve heard that 1 cup of each plus 1 cup of baking soda will drain out toxins with lightening speed, and that you can only stay in for 15 minutes before retox starts. I’m not sure I want to detox that fast. My goal is to pull what’s floating around actively in my system, not release more from storage for my liver to process at this point.


Today was a Lyme coiling day. I guess I coil for Lyme on my joints most days to try to reduce the localized symptoms. On Lyme coiling days, I go for my abdomen, where most of the buggers supposedly live.

I tried something a little different because I’m convinced that the Lyme is growing in and around my sacrum and lumbar spine. Instead of coiling on my abdomen, I coiled in the equivalent region on my back. Since the electromagnetic field is strong enough to affect biological tissue for up to 8 inches, I figured I’d be coiling the same area as usual. Only this time, the strongest field would be where I think the colony is.

I couldn’t really tell the difference. Mostly I noticed that since I’m so skinny, my spine has no cushion and the coil presses into it. The coil is heavy enough to make me uncomfortable laying it across my back. So I’ll go back to my abdomen next time until I decide I want to try something else.

The coiling session consisted of:

  • Lyme, bottom half of back, 2 minutes
  • Babesia, hands and forearms, 1 minute
  • Candida, abdomen, 5 minutes
  • Detoxing the lymph nodes in my upper body (880 Hz), 2 minutes

I mentioned I was going to start trying a detoxing frequency. I actually started it yesterday but forgot to mention it.


I did my whole detox program today: exercise (a leisurely walk outside), body brushing, hot bath, homeopathic drops, juiced greens, and (as a result of my leisurely walk to the health food store) kombucha!

For the record, juiced greens taste way better with fresh lemon juice squeezed in. I’m a bit concerned about the whole juiced greens phenomenon because I got a call from the doctor that my difficult-to-aim urine test came back with high oxalates. That’s before I started drinking juiced greens. I have an appointment next Monday with a urologist to look at the test in the context of the full composition of my kidney stone and a supplemental blood test. Until then, I’m still drinking liquid grass…

(No not literally grass. But I’ll save the recipe for another post.)


I didn’t sleep well last night. Besides 3 episodes of night sweats, I woke up over and over with intense muscular pain. Yup, yoga kicked my gluteus maximus along with every other muscle in my body. I felt so horrible.

To those of you who remember when you started yoga and how it made everything hurt, that’s not what this is like. Imagine how you felt, then turn up the volume to 12 on a stereo that only goes up to 10. I started yoga in 2000 or 2001. I remember how that felt. That was only 8 on said stereo.

The funny thing is that it hurts the wrong way. Not like I pulled something or like I used an unused muscle or like there is lactic acid build up. Instead it feels like there is poison in my muscle tissue that spilled out and coated the nerve endings in my muscles. (Maybe there are, in fact, neurotoxins from the Lyme that couldn’t be processed and instead got stored. Who knows?) It hurts and burns and feels bad whether I move or not. Stretching, which, back when I was healthy, made it feel worse for a moment then provided relief, now just makes it worse for a while.

I took Magnesium glycinate to help mitigate the pain. It did nothing. Nothing helped except for the bath, which only did so much. So I still hurt. But enough less to try to concentrate.

Speaking of which, my muscles didn’t feel tired. In fact, I managed to do a little paperwork this morning and mail the things that should have gone out by January 31. It was a triumph to have that modicum of energy.

Besides the muscle pain, I’ve had a headache lingering all day. This time it’s in my eyes as well as the top of my head. It went away with the bath then returned a few hours later. As I type, I’m starting to see floaters in my field of vision. Maybe the Lyme Herx is starting.

My finger joints hurt. My wrists and left shoulder are in revolt over the length of this post, but they were okay earlier in the day. My ears ache, especially on the right side. I’m trying not to touch it because that only makes it worse. My neck is making a cracking noise. So are my right ankle and both big toes. My knees are still sore. But magically, my hips aren’t throbbing. On the right side, I have a shooting nerve pain down the outside of my leg occasionally during the day.

(Stop reading here and skip to the next paragraph if you object to reading about shit.) On a positive note, I had 3 major bowel movements in one day. My abdomen feels so relaxed. It isn’t distended anymore. It’s a major clean out that I very much appreciate my body for doing.

Good Stuff

Walking in the sun with Mom on the main avenue and doing a few errands.

Catching up on the phone with a fellow Lyme combatant for 2 hours and swapping detoxing tips.

Feeling better when I got out of the tub than when I got in.

Having a serving of oatmeal. (More on the dietary changes tomorrow.)

The first person to subscribe to my blog subscribed today. Yay!


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