Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Bright lights, big screen

I was checking out my friend Craig’s blog today and found a post about f.lux. It is a program that changes the color temperature of a computer screen depending on the time of day. Craig and f.lux explain all the details of why this is helpful for human eyes.

I decided to download it. Immediately, it was easier for me to look at the screen. I usually fiddle around with the intensity of the screen at night, making it much darker and less likely to cause a major headache. This is different because the intensity stayed the same (in fact I bumped it up a bit because I had it so dark) but it is not like staring into a bright sky from a dark room, or some other backlit situation.

Anyway, if you get computer headaches, I suggest you check it out.

Detox-retox redux

Someone reading my post about getting out of a detox bath after 20 minutes asked me for a citation. Actually, two people did. It’s a good question. I have heard this from one doctor and several people who take detox baths. I decided to use the oral wisdom as my guide.

In response to people questioning me, I looked it up online and in two books I have. I’ve seen repeated on a few sites that the first 20 minutes are for detoxing through the skin and the next 20 minutes are for absorbing something. Some say it’s time to absorb good things like magnesium from epsom salt. Others warn that it’s bad to absorb anything from a tub (more like where I’m coming from). Others are silent on timing or say to stay in for a very long time.

In the two books I have at home, one says to take baths with epsom salt but gives no further instruction. The other has several different recipes depending on what one is detoxing from, and says to stay in the tub for over an hour until the water gets cold. I don’t subscribe to the author’s conclusion, but the rationale is based on the idea that hot water makes our pores open and cool water closes them (shutting out the toxins), which I’ve heard in many places. That’s why I take a shower after I finish the detox bath. I shower in water that is not as hot the bath water for two reasons, first to close my pore, and second to bring up my blood pressure which plummets in a hot tub. As my blood goes back to my core and away from my skin, it’s easier to stand up.

My personal guess is that when we first get in the tub and sweat, we are sweating more than we absorb. Then over time, we reach equilibrium where we excrete and absorb. That’s when our net detoxification decreases. But it’s just my guess.

All in all, I would tell anyone who reads my blog to check other sources and compare them to what I’ve written about anything. And if you sit in a hot bath for a long time, don’t sweat it. It just isn’t a detox bath.

All that said, I didn’t manage a bath today.


I did a light coiling session today.

  • Candida, 5 minutes, abdomen
  • Babesia, 1 minute, hands and forearms

I started the Babesia on my hands again because I have a severe sensitivity and tenderness bordering on pain just under my skin on the back of my hands and continuing up my forearm. It started a few days after I stopped coiling for Babesia to give my hands a detox break.

I’m trying a few days to see if tackling Babesia again will help alleviate this symptom. Of course it could be some strange neurological manifestation coming off the Lyme Herx. Coiling for Babesia again may help me determine if I’m right.

I’m focused on the arm thing because I don’t want to wear sleeves. The sensation of something touching my arms is so intense. I went through this for over a year with both entire legs. I can’t stand it.


Simple simple.

  • skin brushing (excluding arms)
  • juiced greens
  • kombucha
  • homeopathic support
  • castor oil pack on my liver


Last night was a two shirt changes kind of night with heavy night sweats.

I was still tired today. But less than the previous few days. I managed to sit up for most of the day, legs up and semi-reclined, but not flat on my back. I even spent a few hours chatting with my cousin when she came to visit.

As the evening arrived, the restless indecisive feeling (can’t start anything, can’t settle down) set in, along with spine and joint pain (fingers and shoulders the worst, but of course all over my body) and a funny feeling in my stomach.

Then, as mentioned above, there is this bizarre sensation in my forearms and hands. And the spot on the back of my head is still there, though the intensity of the pain and sensitivity is diminished. And the floaters in my vision are still floating along.

But more than all the pain, which I don’ feel like listing tonight, there is the fatigue and restlessness.

Good Stuff

Having a long, winding, intellectual conversation with my cousin as we considered the power dynamics of different kinds of relationships in society, especially ones in which one person is asking for help from an expert.

Thai coconut milk red curry. (I may pay for this tomorrow morning, but it was so tasty and made me sweat a good sweat.)

Listening to two episodes of my favorite radio show, Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!

Hanging with Mom this evening and knitting a bit.

Giving Punky a 20 minute kitty belly rub.


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