Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

More on Lyme Detoxing

I spent much of today considering the topic I wrote about yesterday: Lyme is a disease of toxicity. I know things now about how to combat Lyme while reducing the suffering of its host. Still, I’m not sure how it would have worked for me at the very beginning.

I wrote once before about my doctor and what he did and didn’t say when I first started seeing him. Today I tried to imagine how fast I would have hobbled out if he said,

“You have Lyme disease. Instead of giving you antibiotics, I’m sending you for a series of colonics to cleanse your liver, then you are going to start juicing while we figure out all your food allergies. In a month or two, when you aren’t so weak, then we’ll start antibiotics.”

I would have thought he was way off base and had no clue what he was doing. He did something quite different, prescribing me oral antibiotics and putting me on a mild detox diet. To be honest, that combination gave me noticeable Herx reactions. Sometimes detoxing dislodges the places where excess toxins have been stored so they can finally be processed and eliminated. Thus a Herx can arrive unexpectedly.

Some folks, when they hear about my journey, have commented that he didn’t put me on intravenous antibiotics right away. (I certainly asked about them early on.) He told me I wasn’t ready. I understand now. I was so toxic I couldn’t have processed the heavy duty drugs and the heavy duty Herxes.

Daily Detox

I spent more of today thinking about detoxing than actually doing it. I ran out of kombucha and didn’t manage to get to the health food store to pick some up. One of these days (probably the one after I tackle my kitchen and set up the juicer) I’ll start brewing kombucha again. I’ve done it before. I got better at it as time went by. But at the beginning I couldn’t drink it fast enough to make it worth brewing.

Mom decided to do make a delicious dinner for Dad and me, so she didn’t do any juicing. To make up for it, I ate a quarter of a pound of fresh sprouts (sunflower and bean) with dinner.

So far, no kombucha, no juicing. Now since I’ve put myself on an every other day schedule for detox baths, and I took one yesterday, no bath today.

What have I done to support my internal systems? Well, I drank lots of water. I took my homeopathic remedy for lymph and spleen. And I did a very slow, gentle yoga class.

The yoga class was called restorative yoga. It seemed to me like a modified Iyengar yoga class focused on poses that put you to sleep. In some ways it was good. We worked on releasing our shoulders and heart. Both are places where I need help. I never managed to release my left shoulder, but I breathed into it a lot and noticed that whatever is going on in my shoulder goes up into my neck, jaw and ear, and goes down my arm and down into my upper back and upper chest. I don’t know what I’m going to do with this information. Somehow, I think detoxifying the body is aided by awareness of it.


Today was a light coiling day, so I increased the amount of Lyme treatment on my hips.

  • Lyme for one minute on each shoulder and on knees.
  • Lyme for two minutes on each hip.
  • Babesia for one minute on hands and forearms.
  • Candida for five minutes on abdomen.

I’ve been coiling my hands for Babesia for 9 days. A certain kind of pain in my hands has diminished. The rest of the joint pain continues. I’m thinking I’ll do it for 2 weeks and then stop and see if the pain returns.


What hurts tonight? Well I’ve already mentioned the left shoulder and it’s radiating pain. My jaw is popping frequently.

I woke up this morning with hand and foot pain again. It feels like I’m coated in pain from my toes to my knees and from my fingertips to my elbows. The pain diminished with a shower.

Now that I’m thinking of how hard it was to get out of bed, let me mention what happened when I got into bed last night. I got a sharp pain at the top part of my outer right thigh. It then shot down the outside of my leg and caused a spasm. Then the muscles relaxed and the pain stayed focused at its source point. The same think happened the night before on my left leg, only the spasm was worse. That’s what got me thinking about coiling my hips longer.

Last night, or maybe early this morning, I had a night sweat. I had the foresight to wear a running shirt with wicking properties. I didn’t wake up all wet. Instead, I woke up when Punky informed me that there were birds by the window. I found the hair on the back of my head soaked.

Anyway, I was only in moderate pain most of the day: head, lower back, ears, eyes, arms, legs, hips, neck. My energy level was maybe 4 out of 10 (thank goodness the yoga class was so mild). In other words, I didn’t need to lie down all the time, but I couldn’t get much done. Then at 8pm, it hit me. Extreme fatigue. I had to take a 10 minute snooze before I got up to answer phone calls. I stayed on my back for another hour or so before I could get vertical enough to type. (Typing is not agreeing with my hands and wrists tonight…)

Good Stuff

Going to yoga with Mom.

Hanging out with a friend this morning and getting a warm hug.

Dinner and conversation with my parents. Tasting yummy haddock for the first time. Devouring two fresh artichokes. Thanks, Mom, for cooking.

Finding a 6 month old pale orange kitten in the hallway and trying to get it to tell me what door it belongs behind. For now, it’s in my bathroom with Punky waiting and watching on the other side of the door. Hopefully someone claims him before I go to bed.


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