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Candida coiling second iteration

I’ve been pondering what I need to do to get rid of Candida overgrowth. I have an outline which I’ve written about before, and I’m working out the details. For about 10 months, I’ve been doing some version of the protocol: careful about my diet, coiling my abdomen daily, taking probiotics and taking supplements that reduce inflammation/detoxify my intestines. Over time, I’ve increased the intensity of the probiotics I take. […]

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I’ve got a buzz in my left foot. It’s driving me nuts. Whenever I sit still, I feel it. Like a cell phone that keeps vibrating to tell you that you have a text message or voicemail that needs to be checked. Buzz. Silence. Buzz. Silence. Buzz…Only I can’t figure out how to check the blasted message. The first time (a few years ago) I felt this I panicked. It […]

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Candida Battle Day 1

Today was the day. I increased my Candida coiling to 18 minutes. I covered the front of my body from head to toe. Tomorrow I’ll do the same on the back of my body. My plan is to cover my whole body once a day, alternating front and back. So far, so good. I haven’t had any symptoms I usually associate with Candida die-off: gas or new acne. Of course […]

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Spitting out Mercury

Over the past five years, I’ve read lots about mercury toxicity and dental amalgams. A few years ago, I got tested for heavy metals. I had a not-alarmingly-high amount of mercury in my urine, but enough that I could see how it might add to my existing Lyme-generated problems. I decided I should get my two mercury amalgam fillings out sooner rather than later. Fast forward two years. Sooner has […]

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Spring Coiling Plan

Over the past few days, I’ve had lots of social time: with my boyfriend, with my friends and with my parents. In the background, I was doing the necessary coiling and some thinking about what I need to do next. Each time I’m about to start a new protocol, I hesitate. I write about it. Think about it. Rethink it. Postpone it. Then when the plan gets clear in my […]

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Candida under control

So far, I’ve been coiling for Candida only to the point that it doesn’t get worse and most of my related symptoms are under control. Unlike the tick borne illnesses, this one come from all the antibiotics. What reduced my Lyme load  increased my Candida load. Thus far, I’ve been using 5LAC and coiling. I’ve got in mind to increase the coiling significantly sometime in the near future. Around that […]

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Short for a headache

I have a really bad headache tonight. I can’t tell if I’m herxing from my double coiling session on Monday or if this is part of the menstrual drama. So tonight is just an entry into the lab notebook portion of the blog. Tuesday Coiling none Detox sleep (big chunks of the day) rest (the rest of the day) lots of water Body My period arrived mid-morning following a second […]

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PMS and Bartonella

One of my personal theories after I started learning about Lyme co-infections was that Bartonella was the culprit behind my reproductive hormone swings. I’ve read that Lyme can cause “unexplained menstrual irregularities.” Most of the antibiotics for Lyme didn’t do much in the way of dealing with my menstrual problems. The thing that made the biggest difference was Metformin, a drug that regulates blood sugar and insulin production. I started […]

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The First Year of Coiling For Babesia

Preface Yesterday I entered my coiling times for all the different infections I’ve been working on. This morning, having now learned how to use the program Numbers, the Apple alternative to MS Excel, I made graphs for the different infections. On a side note, Numbers is easier to use than Excel, and I’m very proficient in Excel. Yet I learned to used Numbers in less than two hours last night, […]

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