Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Walk like an Egyptian

I have to say I’m so inspired by the people of Egypt. I’ve participated in many protests, several for worker rights, several against the wars the US is waging in the Middle East, and at least one for prison reform. Some were very large, but none like what is happening in Tahrir Square. It’s amazing. And they won!

On the coiling front, I coiled for Lyme again today- 1 minute on my abdomen. I did this because I’m not Herxing much (yet?) from coiling yesterday for Bartonella. I might be in hot water tonight, but that’s part of trying things out and learning.

I also coiled my hands separately again, right for Bartonella, left for Babesia. The result so far is that my hands feel different from each other. My right hand hurts more consistently. My left hand feels warmer (on the inside, not to the touch) and hurts less often, but when it hurts the pain is much sharper and more confined to my knuckles, especially in my index finger. Observations will continue for the next few days.

The pain this morning upon rising was moderate. Moderate is much better than how it’s been for the previous month. I’m moving on to the strange problems: more finger vibrations, difficulty/hesitance when starting to urinate, dull pain in my lower abdomen, lower back and feet, floaters in my vision, and a mild stomach ache after I eat. All these things can be very distracting, but still aren’t as bad as all-out full-time pain.

I didn’t manage a bath today, but I had one more quarter of cabbage. Still yummy. I bought more kombucha yesterday. I love the stuff. When I first started drinking it, it made me Herx so badly that I felt poisoned. The funny thing was that my hair stopped falling out so much. But I couldn’t take the heavy, fast detoxing, so I stopped for a long time. Now I can drink 4 times as much per day and still want more. I’ll have to start brewing it myself very soon.

One thing I’ve learned with Lyme is that even the things that work are sometimes too much at one moment, but they are worth coming back to later. Kombucha is one example. The other is skin brushing. When I started, my skin was way too sensitive. I stopped after a few weeks. Now, at least a year later, I’m trying it again. Some mornings it’s fine. This morning (and yesterday) my skin felt hypersensitive again. Could be a nerve thing, a residual Herx symptom. So I’m going easy on myself, but I’ve not given up.


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  1. Sad that this is pretty much what went on in Tiennamen Sq too,only they took out tanks and hunted them down even after the fact….
    At least Egypt won.

  2. Been drinking Kombucha again too. Giving tiny bits to Ptolemy ….

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