Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease


Sleepy. Sleepy. I’m trying to keep it simple tonight. It’s just after 10pm and I want to go to bed. Kind of how I’ve been feeling most of the day. I’ve had periods of consecutive days, especially between June and December 2010, where I felt almost well, not really actually acutely sick. Then I’ve had this physical pain and exhaustion since the end of December that hasn’t let up yet. I can’t wait to get past this period.

The Rocephin I took in the autumn made me feel better without a huge Herx. Then I plateaued for a while. Then things started to go downhill again. Using the coil is expected to have the opposite effect. I feel crappy now, but later I’m supposed to feel well and it should stick.

Coiling Report

After making a list yesterday of what I should coil every day, I changed it up again today on the coil machine. Mostly, since I was coiling my abdomen and chest area for Lyme for 2 minutes, I decided not to worry about doing my joints separately. I figured my hips and shoulders were approximately in the 8 inch range of effective electromagnetic field generation. Plus Lyme bacteria don’t grow so quickly that I’ll lose the progress I’ve made (assuming I’ve made some) in my joints by skipping a day. I’m still afraid of a big bad Herx like the one I got the first time I used the machine. So I’m going easy on coiling too much on Lyme days as I reduce the load and prepare my body for longer, more extensive sessions.

While I had the coil out, I did 5 minutes on my abdomen for Candida. I can’t tell if anything is happening, but it certainly isn’t doing me any harm.

Then I did a minute of Babesia on my hands and forearms. I notice that the pain has almost completely shifted to my joints, away from my bones, muscles and tendons. So I’ll keep going with that until I finally start coiling for Babesia. (That’s way down the road, after I finish with Lyme and Bartonella, unless the Babesia symptoms start getting out of control.)

The chest pressure has diminished a bunch. I feel it now when I stand for too long, but not when I coil. I remember someone telling me to up my magnesium intake when my heart bothers me. It seems to be working.

Detox activities

Today’s detox activities included: homeopathic drops, skin brushing, kombucha and juiced greens. The juiced greens also count for building my body back up with lots of vitamins and minerals so my body can do more of the fighting itself.

I’m pretty exhausted. Hmm…I might have mentioned that already. But it has me debating whether or not to take a Colestid before I go to sleep. I won’t know what the Herx is like if I do that, so it will be hard to tell how the coil machine is affecting me. But I’m more likely to be able to get out of bed tomorrow if I take it. The other drawback to Colestid is that it slows elimination through the bowels, just the opposite of what I like to do for my gut.

I had a nice long conversation with a fellow Lyme-fighter about IR saunas. I continue to seek the experience of others who have used them or purchased them. Please send me your ideas or opinions if you have any.


I didn’t sleep to well last night. Beyond not finding a deep restful state, my cat was unhappy about his food now that his apetite returned. Unfortunately, I’ve taught him to bring his issues to me (rather than sulking or scratching or obsessively licking), and he thinks the best time to get my undivided attention is when I’m lying quietly in the dark, not moving, you know…SLEEPING! So there was that. Then I had a major night sweat. It was great- wet and unpleasant and out of my body. New shirt, back to sleep.

Even with all that, my feet didn’t hurt as much as usual when I got up this morning. Just a dull pain, no walking on needles. Killing Bartonella and absorbing the neurotoxins with Colestid really did the trick. Needless to say, that made me happy.

I was doing alright, with only moderate pain most of the day. What stands out most is my ears and jaw joints, aching and popping. My legs hurt for a big part of the day. And my left hip socket has been tender, with a sharp pain when I touch that region of my body. My abs are still sore from the yoga class. It takes my muscles a very long time to recover from exercise.

Mostly though, after an all-too-brief 2 hour window when I cleaned out my file cabinet enough to put away the papers that have accumulated since December, I’ve been bone tired. That is, tired all the way to the bone, not just in my bones. My eyes itch like I should be sleeping already. I kept planning to go for a walk but found myself horizontal without intending to lie down. That kind of tired. It kicked in shortly after the Lyme coiling session.

Now, my eyes are getting tired, too. It’s almost time to give in to the sleepy feeling.

Good Stuff

One of my friends is a teacher in NJ. She had the week off (NYC schools are a week later) so she came by to visit this afternoon. I don’t know what it was, but she had me laughing uncontrollably about nothing in particular. So much that my sides went from aching a little (see yoga above) to outright sharp pangs. Funny thing was that I was laughing so much, I didn’t care. That’s what I call a great friend!

Mom came by with fresh juice. We had a nice time chilling for a bit, lying on my bed together going over the neighborhood news. And when I drank the juice later, I found I liked it. Apparently, juiced greens are an acquired taste, but the taste can be acquired in only 3 days.

I’m ever so pleased that I had two hours of paperwork time. I didn’t get as far as tackling the pile on the table, but I did make progress. Progress is good. It gives me hope that one day this stuff won’t be hanging over my head with everything a month behind schedule. I’m pretending I’ll get to my taxes this weekend.

One last good thing worth mentioning is that Punky, my kitty cat, seems to be feeling better. He was pretty sick for several weeks. I’m not convinced he’s hanging out in this life with me for too much longer, but he was playing today. It’s the first time in weeks that he’s shown interest in his toys or running around. Makes my heart feel good.


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