Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

I don’t want to hear it

It’s the kind of a day where I can feel a Herx coming on. I was an emotional wreck this morning, crying at the drop of a hat and feeling like everything was all wrong. After 25 minutes or so of crying, I was able to pull myself together.

I’ve done the few chores I needed to and I’ve made a lot of phone calls (and lots of mistakes which required more phone calls to fix them) because I have plans for tomorrow involving more than one person. This should be simple, but my brain isn’t working quite right today.

Meanwhile, I’ve done all this with a big earache in both ears. I haven’t done a good job resting. And I’m heading out to the movies tonight (because I bought the tickets a week ago). Lyme Herxes are strange. Even though I eventually get a headache, I can get other things first, like the ear pain and neck and shoulder pain. Or the sleeplessness last night (which started a few evenings ago when I coiled for Lyme).

I could use some time to be immersed in a movie tonight. Hopefully I’ll sleep well afterwards.


I’m not adding anything while I wait for the Lyme Herx to wash over me then wash away.

  • Bartonella, abdomen, 5 minutes; chest, 2 minutes
  • Babesia, chest, 5 minutes; liver, 5 minutes
  • Candida, abdomen, 10 minutes; chest, 2 minutes; face, 2 minutes

I’m not sure if the ear pain is the beginning of the Lyme Herx or something that is getting killed when I coil my head for Candida.


I’m planning to sleep on the BioMat tonight and see if I can soften the blow of what’s coming.

  • homeopathic support
  • kombucha
  • juiced greens
  • BioMat
  • castor oil pack on liver
  • welchol


I had a “night” sweat at about 6:30 am. It was long before I was ready to get up. My sleep was slow in arriving last night and was pretty light and restless. I was in bed for almost 8 hours, but I slept less than 6. I had strange, vivid, disturbing dreams in the morning.

When it was time to get up, I had terrible pain in my hands and feet. As mentioned above, I was very emotional and unsettled for a few hours. Since then, the pain in my ears is pretty bad. I have a medium headache and some eye pain. My lower back is bothering me and my joints are achy. It feels like the Lyme Herx starting in slow motion.

Post movie update: the Herx headache has started in earnest. My ears are worse. My eyes hurt. Light sensitivity has started. And my head hurts really badly.


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