Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Hot in the city

In Queens, NYC, where I live, it was well above 90 deg F today. Tomorrow it’s supposed to hit 100. That’s hot.

Summers are usually my best months. The infections start to let off on their major activity. I get lots of blood flow to my joints. I sweat out tons of toxins. I enjoy the extended periods of natural light (even if I have to wear sunglasses in the house due to light sensitivity).

Summers were always my best time of the year. As a child, I had more energy, but maybe that’s because I wasn’t in school. As a teenager they were a welcome relief from the intense pressures of Bronx Science. I like heat.

The only difficult summer was the one right after I got knocked down with this illness and before I got diagnosed. That summer was miserable. I couldn’t move and I was really hot. I lay in pools of sweat all summer. The following summer I got an air conditioner. That’s right, I lived on the top floor of an apartment in NYC with no air conditioner for three summers.

I still keep it on a very moderate setting. When my apartment hits 86 deg F, I turn the air conditioner to 80 deg. Warm is good for me.

I sometimes feel like a reptile, when I get heated up (they use sunlight as well as ambient temperature), I can be active. Today I cleaned the kitchen a bit, I did laundry, I went for a walk, I put fans in my windows, I cooked dinner. That’s three or four days worth of activity for me. I took a 2 hour nap somewhere in there because I’m not really the energizer bunny…even at 96 deg F.


  • Babesia, chest, 5 minutes; liver, 5 minutes; ilium, 1 minute each side; knees/elbows, 1 minute
  • Candida, abdomen, 10 minutes; chest, 2 minutes; face, 2 minutes


I found myself craving kombucha today. It is so refreshing after a walk in this heat! I decided not to start brewing it until July because I’m visiting my sister for a month starting next week. Still, cold out of the fridge, it was the perfect thirst quencher.

  • homeopathic support
  • kombucha
  • juiced greens
  • skin brushing (legs only, the rest of my body was sweaty)
  • BioMat (no heat setting)

The castor oil packs are on hold for a little while. I think my body is sufficiently heated that it doesn’t make sense to try to add more.


It was another low sleep night (<7 hours). I’m wondering if it’s the heat or the Lyme Herx in a milder form than usual. (Goodness knows I was probably dealing with it as I suffered through my period.) I was sweaty, but I slept on a towel with almost nothing on, so I didn’t wake up cold and wet. Instead, I only half woke a few times and was able to go back to sleep right away.

I’m dealing with severe nausea today, again. It kinda cramped my style. I was awake and alert in the morning. I even took some glutamine powder with my breakfast shake, but I was still pretty nauseated. So I did sitting down activities; answering emails, filing bills, polishing my toe nails. The last on the list is a testament to the big reduction in nerve pain in my hands.

I had some pain today, but in each body part that hurt, it only hurt for a while. I was able to work around it for once.

I had a big heat rash on my chest and abdomen. I’ve had a low-level headache all day that’s ramping up tonight and starting in on light sensitivity.

I have urinary hesitation again. And in other toilet news, my shit smells like the end of a Lyme Herx. Only, I’m not convinced I’m all the way at the end. For several coiling sessions, there was a predictable 2 week cycle to the internal cleaning process afterwards. Now the timing seems off, but the symptoms are coming a little at a time.

I cooked long grain wild rice today. It’s my current allowable grain. I’ll see if it bothers my joints in the morning. I was rereading my post about carbohydrates and I thought, maybe if I have some, I can convince my body to pump out a little extra cholesterol…


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