Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Cantaloupe without guilt

I’m taking to heart my doctor’s suggestion that it’s time for me to eat more fruit. I’ve been taking it slowly, even with apples, because I’m trying so hard to end the Candida infection. But when he saw me last, my tongue looked better, with very little sign of active candidiasis.

Today I had cantaloupe without feeling guilty. I had it recently when I was with my sister, but I felt sheepish about doing it. Today I got to enjoy it completely. I’m careful to eat it with other food and not too much at once because the possibility of a spike in blood sugar is still there. So tasty.

While I was thinking about fruit, I found dried organic mulberries. We’ll see if I like them. I tend to steer away from dried fruit, but I’m going to give these a try.

I also found an antioxidant green tea extract that’s caffeine free. I ordered it. We’ll see if it helps with the Herxes.


  • Babesia, chest, 10 minutes; ilium, 1 minute each side; knees/elbows, 1 minute
  • Candida, chest, 2 minutes; abdomen, 10 minutes


It was a slow day on the detox front. I’m out of kombucha and I was too tired to walk to the store. Mom wasn’t up to making juiced greens.

  • homeopathic support
  • skin brushing
  • nap


I think I forgot how much Lyme Herxes suck. I spent the majority of the day horizontal again. I managed to use the computer a little, just to deal with the most pressing things (like ordering supplements before they run out and paying bills). I made a few phone calls, but not all the ones I was planning on. I was lying on the bed for those.

I have a headache and eye pain and floaters. My ears ache. My throat hurts. My hands and wrists hurt. I’m grumpy and I’ve been very tired all day.

The worst of it is that I had heart palpitations again. My blood pressure was feeling a bit low. The intense urge to lie down is part of the heart symptoms. My back aches, right between my shoulder blades, in my spine. It’s a sharp pain with an itch.

I’m hoping this resolves by tomorrow.


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3 replies

  1. Speaking of Candida, the book that I wanted to tell you about for so long is The Body Ecology Diet. It’s like the GAPS Diet that I follow, except it allows vegetarianism. Both recommend fermented foods with every meal and cleansing the bowel with probiotic enemas, among other things.

    • Thanks for the useful tip.

      I have the Body Ecology Diet book. I read it pretty early in my current illness. I liked the ideas and have incorporated some of them. But I have so many food restrictions from allergies that I can’t manage to really follow it.

  2. I see, I see. I feel the same way about GAPS and carbs. It’s hard to full implement it because of blood sugar issues.

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