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Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

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BioMat day one

Yesterday the BioMat arrived. I had to let it air out, so today was the test day. This morning I spent about 20-25 minutes on one of the low settings. I definitely warmed up and all my muscles relaxed. I didn’t want to get up. I spent the day with my mother visiting some relatives. Long before we left their house, my battery was spent. Yesterday’s yoga and today’s car […]

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Odds and ends

I have a killer headache as I start this post. We’ll see how far I get. Slow Progress That’s progress in getting my life in order. I went to a yoga class. I skipped last week, with doctor appointments, Herx pain and my period, I couldn’t handle it. I made it there today. The class was one hour, fifteen minutes shorter than the other one I went to. It also […]

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Playing with children

After that very long meditation on Lyme and fertility yesterday, I found myself playing for several hours with my cousin’s two very young children. One is 8 months old, the other is just under 2 years old. I enjoyed them. I got down on the floor and hung out with them, letting them get used to me since we haven’t seen each other in quite a while. I joined them […]

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Women and Lyme Disease

Every month, during my menstrual cycle, I’m reminded of what Lyme disease has done to my body and what it has done to the trajectory of my life. Menstrual Problems For years (specifically 2002-2010) my menses were horrible. As I mentioned yesterday, in addition to killer cramps and headaches, I had vomiting, diarrhea, weakness all over my body–especially my legs–that made it nearly impossible for me to stand up, chills […]

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Tonight I filed my taxes. Given my current financial situation, it was pretty straightforward to do it online. I brought in a small enough amount that I didn’t even have to pay to e-file. I recently read an article in Mother Jones about how the tax prep industry targets low-income communities of color to overcharge people who don’t realize how simple it is to file for themselves. (It isn’t on […]

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Buffalo Mozzarella

Every now and then, my mother picks up fresh buffalo mozzarella imported from Italy. It has tons of calories (fat) and lots of protein.  I’m not allergic to it the way I am with cow dairy. And it tastes like heaven. I went to Italy almost a year ago. I ate so well. I ate some things that I’m allergic to (and paid for it) and some things that cause […]

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Happy feet

Hot, itchy, happy feet. I went for the detoxifying, ionizing footbath today. At one level, it meant sticking my feet in hot water for 25 minutes while the water turned rust-colored. Apparently, the first think the bath pulls out is iron. I watched my feet for a while then knitted until the timer went off. Then I stared at them again. I saw a lot of foam, which supposedly means […]

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Chest pains

Not a heart attack. There is a very specific kind of pain that I’ve had since just after the time when I’m sure I was bitten by a tick in 2001. It starts out as a sharp pain, like the underwire of a bra is digging into my ribs. (This was confusing back when I wore underwire.) Then it spreads along one or two ribs and gets focused on the […]

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Ailments of the heart

I went to a workshop on addictions today. I’m not currently addicted to anything (that I know of…maybe blogging?), but I had to give up a bunch of things cold-turkey when I suddenly became debilitatingly ill. These included chocolate, cookies, and overworking. I still miss them. I went to the workshop to see if I could clean up the pull I feel when I think about no longer having food […]

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