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Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

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Coiling Break

It’s official. I’m taking a vacation from coiling for just over three weeks. I’ve got a few other plans, things to try in the meantime, but no coiling while I’m on the East Coast visiting my family and friends. Before I Stopped Since I knew I was going to stop, I did some extra coiling. I coiled for Lyme every 5 days for the last two weeks before I stopped. […]

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Dry Sauna

I’ve been heading to the sauna for about two weeks now, averaging 4 trips per week. This seems like enough to keep my kidneys happy while I do a moderate amount of Bartonella coiling. While I was in the sauna the other day, I met a woman who was surprised to see that I brought in a watch. She asked me why. She also asked why I don’t drink while […]

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Missing Data

It’s been more than 2 weeks since I last recorded notes on this experiment to cure myself of tick-borne illnesses. The hiatus started simply enough: my hands were really screwed up by the Bartonella treatment. Then my menstrual cycle started and I was horizontal for two days. Once I got up again, I just wanted to go outside, but with not much energy, one excursion knocked me out for the […]

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Why would you write about that?

I love when people send me candid reactions to my blog. One of my friends read a post about the horrendous gas that VSL#3 causes and couldn’t believe that I would broadcast this information on the internet, in a place where people can find my real name and what I look like. I started this blog partly as lab notebook for myself and partly to share the full experience of […]

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A Cute Little Girl

I’ve had an 8mm projector and two bags of reels sitting in my apartment for the past 4 years, inherited from my aunt when she went into an assisted living apartment. I didn’t know what was on them until today. Aside from the 1962 St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the 1964 World’s Fair in Flushing Meadows Park, there were 5 reels of me at around 18 months of age. What […]

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A Herx is still a Herx

Over the course of this autumn Lyme season, my Herxes got worse for a while and now they are milder. I’ve got two theories: reduced toxicity in my system and a smaller bacterial load. The reduced toxicity, I think, comes from adding diatomaceous earth (DE) to my daily protocol. It seems that 1tsp per day with two glasses of water really unloads toxins before they can build up. It’s cheap. […]

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Coiling for Babesia

After much deliberation, trial and error, slow progress, recurrent symptoms and new ideas, I finally have a full plan for ridding myself of Babesia. (For background, see Babesia Basics.) I started coiling for Babesia on March 19th, earlier this year. I started with 30 seconds over my liver. I had a big Herx. I waited a few days and tried again, 30 seconds on my chest. Then little by little, […]

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Diatomaceous Earth 2

I’ve been taking diatomaceous earth for about a month now. I’m up to one teaspoon a night in 10 oz of water, followed by a 4 oz water chaser. I love this stuff. From my experience so far, I don’t get constipated if I consume it with plenty of water. It seems to have increased the efficacy of my overall detox protocol so that even when I miss a few […]

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Cheating without consequences

In August, I learned about a few more food sensitivities and decided to get strict with myself. For the past several months, I’ve been doing a fair amount of detoxing and completely avoiding these foods. So on Tuesday night, I decided to cheat. I didn’t choose foods that trigger my sensitivities. Instead, I had my favorite dessert, sticky rice with mango, at a local Thai restaurant. Normally anything with that […]

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