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Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Different kinds of tired

I spent another day in bed. I tried to get up for yoga. I even showered, but I was too tired and achy to walk there (nevermind the class itself).

There is a special thing that happens to people with strange multi-system chronic illnesses, like Lyme disease, chronic fatigue and others. We start to learn about many physical sensations that most people aren’t even aware are possible. Then we learn about the different ways we can feel tired or nauseated, or have a headache.

So I’m tired today. This is the kind of tired I get when I’ve been doing things for too many days in a row and crashing at night. My muscles feel funny (not quite an ache, but a noticeable sensation). I want to lie down and rest. I’m not really sleepy, but I’m too tired to think of all the things I could be doing.

There are other kinds of tired. When I’ve done too much physical activity, the next day I feel like gravity has increased, like I can’t pick up my arm or leg or head because it’s too heavy.

There is the Babesia tired, which makes me feel like I’m going to melt into the furniture. Then if I try to sit up or stand up, my heart pounds hard and rapidly. But when I’m lying down, my mind is hyperactive, and I’m dying to get up and do something.

There is the tired I get when my blood pressure is low. Then I feel like I urgently need to lie down because when I’m standing, I’m nauseated and my chest feels tight, like I can’t breathe even though I can. This kind of tired is usually accompanied by thirst and a desire for salt.

Then there is Herx tired. This one is similar to Babesia tired, but often involves a headache and sleepiness, in addition to the heart problems and racing mind.

There are many ways to feel tired. Today I practiced one of them.


I’m increasing my time on Babesia, from now on my chest and my liver will be coiled the same amount.

  • Babesia, chest, 3 minutes; liver, 3 minutes
  • Candida, abdomen, 10 minutes


Today is a slow day on the detox front. My stomach is bothering me, so it is hard to drink all my detoxifying liquids.

Tonight I finished the bottle of Renalin, a homeopathic formula for the kidneys.

  • homeopathic support
  • lime water
  • skin brushing
  • BioMat
  • castor oil pack on abdomen


Last night, I had 2 big night sweats. This morning I put the BioMat on level 3 for an hour and had another big sweat.

My urine this morning smelled like turkey soup. I think it is from the Lyme coiling two Mondays ago.

I was tired all day. I was pretty achy, too. Then I had specific pain in my lower abdomen (not sure which organ system) and sharp pain in my lower back, especially on the right side. My arms fell asleep and woke to pins and needles at around noontime.

My headaches have been mild so far today, with minimal but noticeable floaters, and an earache in both ears until late afternoon. My jaw joint has been cracking on the left side.

This evening I had another gas attack in my upper and lower GI tract. I ate differently than yesterday, but only foods that don’t bother me. Both days, the gas attacks came on an empty stomach. And they hurt. I’m hoping a castor oil pack across my whole abdomen will address the issue.

I’m  heading to bed early tonight.


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