Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Keeping it together

There’s a fine line between pretense and keeping it together for a short, defined period of time. Right now, I’m walking it. I have a friend in town this weekend and too many activities planned. This includes some driving on my part. And some time out and about, walking, food shopping, hanging out with people. For me, this is an incredibly busy weekend.

Meanwhile, the Lyme Herx is upon me. I would have preferred to spend the day going for one short walk and resting on the BioMat for several hours. Maybe I’d want to do one or two things around the house, maybe not.

It’s hard to figure out when the Lyme Herxes will hit. The first few times I coiled, they arrived within minutes. Then it stretched to two or two and a half days. Then the last one hit me immediately again. This one took 3 days to start and it’s still building. Not great timing.

So I’m keeping it together today and tomorrow. Then I’ll crash for few days.


Nothing new. Just maintaining the daily ritual.

  • Babesia, chest, 5 minutes; liver, 5 minutes
  • Candida, abdomen, 10 minutes; chest, 2 minutes; face, 2 minutes


I’m doing my best to keep up with the detox protocols. I snuck in a few minutes on the BioMat this morning and again in the early afternoon. I slept on it last night. I’m glad I did. I think I’d have been worse off this morning if I hadn’t.

I tried welchol for the first time last night. It was better than colestid, pill for pill. I woke up with no headache and it hasn’t really come back today. It didn’t get rid of the eye floaters or limb pain, but neither did colestid.

  • homeopathic support
  • kombucha
  • juiced greens
  • artichokes (2)
  • BioMat
  • castor oil pack on liver


I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night. I had a big night sweat and lots of disturbing dreams. I woke up with floaters in my vision that lasted all day.

This morning I had a lot of pain in all my limbs, like gloves up to my elbows and knee high stockings. The pain stayed with me all day. It was in my bones and joints as well as my muscles and skin. Eventually my hips started to hurt a bit, and I’ve had sharp pains in the muscles in my legs.

I was tired and I fought it to stay up. The price of overdoing it was that my lungs were bothering me. I feel like I’m getting a chest cold, like my bronchial tubes are a little smaller and maybe coated with extra mucus. I’ve also been somewhat short-tempered and easily agitated and kinda nauseated.

I’m really tired now and just about ready to pass out.


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