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Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

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Stones and bumps

That title could easily be referring to the conditions of the roads in New York as the snow has melted and left behind a mess for drivers, cyclists and pedestrians. Alas, it is not. Kidney Stone follow-up I went to the urologist today. We had a chat about my bloodwork and urinalysis. They don’t match. Evidence for one problem is in my urine. Evidence for a different kind of problem […]

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Bright lights, big screen

I was checking out my friend Craig’s blog today and found a post about f.lux. It is a program that changes the color temperature of a computer screen depending on the time of day. Craig and f.lux explain all the details of why this is helpful for human eyes. I decided to download it. Immediately, it was easier for me to look at the screen. I usually fiddle around with […]

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Restless and Lethargic

I’m still sitting out the Herx. All day I’ve been feeling like I can’t move, can’t get up, can’t get started. At the same time, I’m bored and can’t settle down. I’m not really sure where all the hours went. This is what I dread. I hate waiting it out. I tried sending a few emails to see if I could focus. I tried reading for a little while. Nothing […]

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Rethinking and revising

When doing science at the most basic level, the idea is to make observations. Try different conditions one at a time, make more observations, then form a hypothesis. Once the hypothesis is made, generate a series of tests (an experiment) to confirm or modify a hypothesis. Everyone likes to skip the first part, including me. But when the experiment is on my body, I have to slow down and rethink […]

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Taking the plunge…again

Or rather, taking a hot bath two days in a row. As I mentioned yesterday, yoga kicked me really hard. (More on that in the body section.) I knew I needed to take another bath today. I hemmed and hawed and hemmed some more until it was finally 5:30pm and I knew I wouldn’t sleep tonight if I didn’t do something about all the muscle pain. Instead of my usual […]

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Henry’s Adventure

Henry was the skinny, pale orange, 6 month old kitten I found last night crying pathetically in the hallway outside my door. After we walked around the hallway together for 10 minutes and I determined (by ringing doorbells) that he didn’t belong to anyone on my floor, I brought him into my apartment. While Henry was sniffing around, Punky didn’t notice at first. Then I put Henry in the bathroom […]

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More on Lyme Detoxing

I spent much of today considering the topic I wrote about yesterday: Lyme is a disease of toxicity. I know things now about how to combat Lyme while reducing the suffering of its host. Still, I’m not sure how it would have worked for me at the very beginning. I wrote once before about my doctor and what he did and didn’t say when I first started seeing him. Today […]

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Infra-red Healing

I bought a BioMat. I though I would do my taxes today, but instead I spent a lot of money. I’ve been looking at IR saunas. They are supposed to be miraculous at getting a person to sweat out toxins. The problems, from my perspective, are price, space for an upright, having to sit upright in an upright, space for a dome to lie under, feeling claustrophobic in either one, […]

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Sleepy. Sleepy. I’m trying to keep it simple tonight. It’s just after 10pm and I want to go to bed. Kind of how I’ve been feeling most of the day. I’ve had periods of consecutive days, especially between June and December 2010, where I felt almost well, not really actually acutely sick. Then I’ve had this physical pain and exhaustion since the end of December that hasn’t let up yet. […]

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