Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Rethinking and revising

When doing science at the most basic level, the idea is to make observations. Try different conditions one at a time, make more observations, then form a hypothesis. Once the hypothesis is made, generate a series of tests (an experiment) to confirm or modify a hypothesis.

Everyone likes to skip the first part, including me. But when the experiment is on my body, I have to slow down and rethink what I’m doing from time to time.

Lying on the couch today, completely unable to move, more from fatigue than from pain, although there was plenty of pain too, I was thinking about how I’ve been coiling every day. Today I’m taking a break. When I’m this knocked out, it means I need to detox more before I try anything else that will generate additional toxins for my body to clean out. This Herx is not done yet.

In practice, this means that I’m going to move all the Lyme coiling, abdomen and joints, to one day. No more coiling for Lyme on the major joints everyday…at least until I get the Bartonella clean up more under control. I’ll still do the Bartonella every other day, but I’m not going to increase the time until I’m getting a mild or no reaction.

After today, I’ll probably go back to Candida everyday because I haven’t been able to tell that it does anything negative while helping me kill the excess fungal intruders.




That was my plan all day. I rested a lot. Plenty of time in bed or at least flat. Although lying down doesn’t increase detoxification, it does allow my body to put 100% effort into doing what it needs to do rather than what I’m in the mood to do.

I did all the regular activities: homeopathic support, kombucha, juiced greens, skin brushing and a detox bath. Oh yes, and Colestid before bed.


Herxing is not my favorite way to spend the day. We’ll start with multiple sweats last night and interrupted sleep. I managed to stay in a semi-relaxed or sleeping state for about 8 hours, including the untimed interruptions.

Today I stayed in bed, with breaks for breakfast and lunch. I was dead tired. I was also pretty sweaty (even before the tub), alternating between chills and feeling overheated…except for my feet which were cold all day despite the 80 deg F air in my apartment. (I don’t control the heat settings in my building.)

I minimized who I talked to on the phone to the necessities. I’m postponing everything till I feel better enough to call my physical sensations tolerable.

My spine still hurts terribly. The muscles in by back are also in bad shape. My hips are popping, along with my left shoulder. My knuckle joints hurt all the time (not just when I type).

My head is just a mess: ears and eyes in pain, floaters in my vision, pain on the top and more interestingly, a localized sore spot that is extremely painful to touch on my external occipital protuberance. That is the bump on the back of the head directly up from the end of the spine. Earlier today it was swollen. The top point on it is called the inion. I just touched it again. Damn. Now it hurts even more.

Meanwhile my abdomen is slightly sore. But more than sore, it feels somewhat off. My digestion is unhappy.

My chest has been feeling constricted all day. That’s actually the motivation to stay lying down as much as possible. When I sit or stand, the sensation is worse. I’m taking extra magnesium, but it hasn’t kicked in yet.

I dunno. I think I just have to ride this one out.


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