Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

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As I look at my posts after I write them, they show me how sad I feel. Today I’m more acutely aware of it than usual. After holding my own for 4 years of this illness, it’s finally wearing on me. The fact that I’m feeling losses in other areas of my life brings the melancholy feelings into focus. I did my best to fight it off by reaching out […]

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Progress and Maintenance

Yesterday’s Herx reaction wasn’t too painful. There was the initial pressure in my chest (which lasted through most of today) that was heavy at first and got milder as time progressed. Then my pre-existing headache was joined by some pretty intense pain in my eyes. I didn’t take anything for it, no pills, just lots of water. I slept for ten and a half hours last night, and probably could […]

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Starting up again

Rose's Kitties

This afternoon, I tried using the coil at a frequency for candida (465 Hz for 5 minutes). I’ve heard/read that I shouldn’t get much of a Herx from it. I’m not sure I’ll feel anything at all. I just want to be able to eat oatmeal for breakfast without all my symptoms getting worse. Tonight I did a 30 second coiling session for Lyme disease at 10pm, shortly before I […]

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Last Tuesday (not yesterday but 8 days ago), I underwent surgery to have the kidney stone on the left side removed from my ureter, the tube that connects kidney to bladder. The hospital called it surgery, but to me it wasn’t technically surgery because the surgeon didn’t make any new holes in my body. In any case, it took me several days to get past the grogginess and fatigue of […]

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Cold and Calculating

As the Lyme symptoms increase, I’m starting to have a shorter temper. I feel somewhat agitated all the time. Besides the pain, I’m having a frustrating problem that I was glad to see disappear. I’m dropping things, bumping into things, typing the wrong keys on the keyboard. So on top of the pain in all the different places, which would be enough to set a person on edge, I can’t […]

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Birthday girl

It’s my birthday today. I always start the day noticing what I hoped to have figured out by this time that I haven’t yet (a few things on the list appear every year). By the end of the day, after talking to whichever friends call (or whom I manage to call), I can notice the things I’ve tried that worked and the things that didn’t but that I learned from. […]

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Snow and Rain

It’s one of those good  news — bad news kind of days. On the kidney stone activity, we’re going to wait a week and a day before the procedure to remove it. This is primarily because I’m not doubled over in pain at the moment, so we’re giving it a little more time to pass. I’m pretty happy about waiting because it gives the herbal concoction I’m taking a bit […]

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One step forward…

Well, I spent most of last night in the Urgent Care area of the local Emergency Room taking antibiotics for a kidney infection. (The Levaquin should reduce Bartonella symptoms for a little while. In fact, no hand or foot pain when I woke up this morning.) The kidney stone I mentioned yesterday hasn’t moved at all in the past two weeks (neither has the smaller one I didn’t bother to […]

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All day I’ve been thinking about priorities. When I worked, there was always more to do than time in the day to do it. It was a simple fact of life. I would figure out what most needed to be done and do that first. Sometimes I prioritized correctly, sometimes more urgent things would come up. No matter what, there was always the next day to finish whatever was the […]

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