Coiling for Lyme

Trying to cure one case of Lyme Disease

Fun and laughter

I am one of the minions that trekked out to see Harry Potter on the opening day. It is a ritual I enjoy with my parents as each new movie has come out since 2008. We go to a matinee because we all do better with daytime outings rather than at night.

After I stopped working, I felt very guilty every time I did something fun. Often these “fun” activities involved a lot of hassle, much planning, and extra (physical) pain compared to sitting at home nursing myself. At some point, I realized that I needed to do fun things to get my mind off of the intense pain and the depressingly severe physical limitations.

It’s getting trickier this summer. I have good days where I can do a bunch of things. Then I crash. Or when I was at my sister’s, I had a few good hours a day, and the rest of the day I was useless or close to it. Those good moments make me want to do more…to be able to do everything again. And then I feel a bit guilty again, like I should be working for money if I have any energy at all.

Then I get to the restless part of my Herxes when I desperately want to do lots of things but I find myself zoned out or sleeping instead. I get aggravated with my body. I get frustrated that I’ve been sick so long. I get annoyed at myself for not being able to follow through on my plans and intentions.

A few days later, after this stage passes, I start doing some of what I was lamenting about. I never get to do all of it. I have a list of desired activities that stretches back to before I got sick. Sometimes I get through enough of the presently urgent tasks to do one that I’ve been thinking about for a while. But more often than not, I add to my mental list of things I want to write or make or do. Oh well.

Harry Potter was excellent. My parents were in good moods and were lightly teasing me and each other. We laughed when I lost the money for the tickets. I joyfully answered my parents questions during the movie (“What’s that character’s name, again?”) until we hit on the “Why” questions. I drew the line there–in a relaxed way.

Afterwards we had Chinese takeout. I “fixed” my parents’ tv set (by changing the tv channel so the cable would appear). We had a good laugh about all their guesses as to why it wouldn’t work and whether I secretly hid the remote control that operates the tv (vs the one that operates the cable).

It was a fun and pleasant day. I’m exhausted, of course. And I’m doing my best not to feel guilty for having a good time when there is so much to be done.


I decided not to start increasing the Bartonella treatments just yet, since I’ll be coiling my head again. I’ve had a headache for most of the day. That part of the Lyme Herx isn’t over. So I’m giving my body a little more time to clean up before the next dump on my brain.

  • Bartonella, chest, 2 minutes; abdomen, 5 minutes
  • Babesia, chest, 10 minutes; ilium, 1 minute each side; knees/elbows, 1 minute
  • Candida, chest, 2 minutes; abdomen, 10 minutes


I finally made kombucha! I boiled the tea and set up the brewing jar. Now I wait a week to ten days for it to turn into something wonderful.

I took the last of the Solidago, the homeopathic formula for kidney support. Yesterday, I increased the amount of Renavive to 3 pills a day because I was worried about the urinary hesitation. It was coming back before I even stopped the Solidago, so I was thinking I needed to support my  urinary tract more. I can see the difference already.

  • homeopathic support
  • kombucha
  • juiced greens
  • skin brushing
  • laughter


No night sweat last night. And I slept a lot better after yesterday’s nap.

I’m having a lot of hand and foot pain for the first hour or two after I wake up. That makes it hard to get my day started.

I had very mild urinary hesitation in the morning and cloudy urine later on. My body temperature seems to be evening out.


I’ve had some back pain, lower back and upper back, but not central back. My hands, especially my fingers, and my elbows hurt the whole day. I’ve had a headache most of the day, with ear canal pain in the morning and eye pain plus floaters in the evening. My eyes are itchy. I think my body is rebelling because I watched a movie instead of napping.

Either way, it was nice to be out after spending most of yesterday horizontal.


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